We would like to inform you that from the 1st. November 2013 Caffeine products available from Martindale Pharma are changing their name as follows:
  • Caffeine citrate 10 mg/mL solution for injection (previously called caffeine 5 mg/mL solution for injection)
  • Caffeine citrate 10 mg/mL oral solution (previously called caffeine 5 mg/mL oral solution)  

There is no change to the actual product this is simply a label change to unify packaging. It is not necessary to return any products. 

This change brings the products in line with the naming of other products available on the UK market (i.e. which are already named in the salt form as caffeine citrate).

  • All caffeine products should now be prescribed as caffeine citrate
  • Always state dose in terms of caffeine citrate when prescribing these medicines because of the risk of confusion and potential for dosing errors (2 mg caffeine citrate is equivalent to 1mg caffeine base).
  • Additional care should be taken when prescribing and dispensing because other manufacturers produce caffeine products in different strengths. 

For more information, please refer to the official announcement leaflet.